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The car was purchased with 2 dead electric windows, both on the drivers side. The rear one doesn't move at all, and the front one moves a few inches at a time before the motor gives out, but if you let it cool down for 10 min or so, then you can move it a few more inches again.

Tonight I pulled the door panels and removed the window motors. I have got to say that it was probably the easiest window regulator replacement I have ever done. Finally, something about this car that is easy. I still need to get new motors and put them in, but it's going to be a piece of cake. Kudos to GM for a good design on this aspect of the car at least!

Easy as 1,2,3. Just pull off the door skin by lifting straight up. Disconnect a few electric connections to the door locks, etc. Set the panel aside. 3 nuts hold the regulator onto the drive gear. The bolts are super easy to access. Just spin them off, and the regulator pulls straight out.

Looks like you can get them on ebay for $32. Sounds fair. Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply


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