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Hi guys. I sold my 94 sts to a friend a few years ago., He is now having an overheating problem.He replaced the thermostat then took it to have the coolant flushed at a local shop. The shop tried but couldn,t flush it. They said the machine could not remove or add any coolant. Could there be a blockage somewhere? I read in another post of the purge line. We took the hose off at the overflow and had no flow. The other end of this line does not seem to be accessible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Thermostat in backwards? It's easy to do in engines with coolant flow reversed in direction from older engines.

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Jim's idea seems sound, if the owner just had the car serviced recently. Otherwise, I suppose you'd have to start investigating to determine if you have a complete blockage in a hose, or in the radiator.


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