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I was cruising home from work today, AC was blowing cold and suddenly no blower fan. The outside temp was about 100 degrees and the engine temp was running just to the right of dead center. I checked the fuses when I got home and they seem to be fine. The rear blower fan works but the air didn't feel overly cold. Maybe two problems not sure.

The blower fan did not make any weird noises prior to this. It just seems odd that it would just suddenly quit.

By the way... no codes.

Any help would be apprecitated.



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The A/C blower is a squirrel cage type fan motor and is immediately in front of the firewall, on the engine side, in the top center.


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No, it was moved in 2000. It is under the dash on the passenger side.

Does that make it more serviceable? Or less?



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Well you don't have to tilt the engine, but it is up above the passengers foot well so you have to do some contortions. I have been told it is not too bad, but have no personal experience.

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