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Another one bites the dust?

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Two weeks ago I had a "check coolant level" message and sure enough my 94 STS needed 3 to 4 litres of anti freeze.

This morning while doing a short run to work the "check coolant message" returned and not giving it much thought I shut the car off and went into my office. About 40 minutes later I had to do a delivery and right after I turned on the car it began blowing excessive smoke or steam from the exhaust pipes.

I took it home and after letting the car sit for a bit I checked the coolant level only to find that it needed another 3 litres.

I put this in and drove back to work without any notice of excessive smoke/steam.

As there does not appear to be any external leaks I am thinking this might be a head gasket problem.

Does my experience sound similar to any of you?

Many thanks,


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"Time to try Heal-A-Seal."

Not for pulled headbolts. When Northstar head gaskets fail the headbolts pull out of the block and the only repair for that is Timeserts...

Head gaskets can fail for any number of reasons of which pulled head bolts being so rare that it's not worth mentioning. The Guru discussed this issue of pulled head bolts--I posted his comments a while back. He said that failed head gaskets tend to be the result of fire ring deterioration (the metal rings around the cylinder holes), neglected antifreeze, or an otherwise tired gasket, which has been subject to high temperatures.

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