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Steve Parker just posted a "classic" car review from 2002? on the 2003 Cadillac CTS. It is an interesting review, as it reminds one of how fresh and important to the Cadillac line the CTS has been.

Cadillac has had trouble the past decade or so with cars whose name starts with the letter "C". Think Cimarron (disaster). Catera (off-target, but at least a Euro-style idea). And now, they bring out something called CTS.

We can say that the "Curse of the C" is over! The CTS is a winner on almost every level, from price to build quality to handling (especially handling) to engine responsiveness, braking, styling, interior room and comfort --- and the list goes on.

The CTS' edgy design was really love it or hate it then; it seems to have grown on many people now, so I would say it is aging well. Of course the 08 redesign is a very nice improvement.

The CTS-V turned out to have an LS6 powerplant and not the Northstar as mentioned in the review, but there was a lot of speculation on different engines then just as there is a lot of speculation now on which engine the 09 CTS-V update will have. Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply


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