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Local dealer has a red '96 sts with 58k miles asking 8900... 2k over blue book, depending on who's little blue book.


I have a sweet running black 95 'etc with only 160k on it.... why would i be tempted by a red '96 sts with only 100000 less miles??

Yeah, I know, make sure the coolant has been replaced every 3 year , and the price can be negotiated down a k or so .... just talk me out of it!

Haven't looked at it close up, must not do so!

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The usual precautions are to run a CARFAX or other VIN search on any used car. On a Cadillac, I would run the codes right there in the lot or showroom. Pressure-washing a car can generate spurious codes by forcing water into the connectors, so just write down what you see. Then, when you start your test ride, clear the codes as you start and go through a driving cycle; check the codes again before you turn off the ignition after you are done.

56K miles is very low for a 1996 model year car. I would ask how the car was used for 11 years to average 5K miles a year. Sometimes that kind of usage is coupled with neglect. I see you're sensitized to the coolant change issue, but I would have the coolant checked for age and combustion products before I bought the car. Don't forget to look at the transmission fluid and see if it smells like it shouldn't. You might also look at the oil on the dipstick, look at the power steering fluid, and even look at the brake fluid and brake lines.

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I would also check the wheelwell -to -bumper clearances.

Little old ladies driving these cars bump them a lot, and most I've seen have had the front and

rear fenders pushed back a bit ... you notice it where the fender meets the wheel opening.

Check the sunroof ... they become mis aligned and make a stripped gear noise.

I'd ask for a powertrain warranty that covers seals and gaskets.

Keep in mind, they'll probably stop ask a difference of about $6.5 - 7k for the two cars if you trade in your 1995,

I'm not sure I like the red exterior coupled with that peanut butter brown leather?

Strange combination ... you usually see red over beige leather.

Good luck ... I'd tint the windows to hide that interior, though.

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