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BLOG: Caddyinfo.com Admin Blog - What the HECK is a BLOG for?

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A BLOG, or weblog, is an easy to edit online diary. It can be used to maintain repair and maintenance records of your Cadillac, to keep us up with your offline life, whatever you choose that is appropriate to share. Since each user has a separate BLOG, you can feel free to add details into your BLOG as you might a driver's log book or repair record.

BLOGs also are becoming an increasingly popular way for internet users with similar interests to interact and connect. The BLOGs are easy to syndicate as RSS, and to link out to other auto related BLOGs and back in to here, so that you can see if someone on a remote auto blog commented on an entry you made here at Caddyinfo.com.

It would also be correct to say that I think it is a nice functionality, and I hope that we use it. I don't have more plans than that. Please review what you can do with it and do something interesting. Read Full Article


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