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Rotted Brake Line


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My son popped the brake line to the right rear wheel in his '97 Eldorado tonight. I'm going to take a look at it in the morning and see if I can splice a new section in. Looks to me like the split is in the area of the heat shield over the mufflers. Has anyone had any experience with brake lines in this area?

Thanks... :D

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i just went through nearly the same thing but on a 98 deville this week

The ONLY way i could see to do mine was to drop the rear axle down So i just routed a new line in front of it but up high enough to keep it from rubbing anything i also used truck bed spray liner to coat the new line to maybe get a few more years out of it Autozone carries a line that is PVC coated that looks like it may be a little better also But they did not have the right length i needed and i got tired of arguing with a 17 year old kid trying to tell me only imports use metric lines


The line fitting use a 14 MM wrench and i found out the check valves on the lines G.M. installs are Junk and will NOT cut the fluid flow off when a line breaks as they are intended to do so pitch them and by pass them and figure out a better way Myself i am installing a shut off valve on the front and rear at the master cylinder at least that way when a line breaks you can shut it off to that end and refill it and drive home


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