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My belt broke I thought no big problem fix it in 5 minutes upon farther inspection found that a pulley was also broken no problem but then I noticed that along with the pulley also a piece of the engine block was still attached to the pulley i think its off the engine block have attached some photos hopefully some one can help me out please copy and paste the urls below to see the pics





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Your block isn't broken. That's the idler pulley with it's spacer attached. Looks like the whole thing unscrewed and came off. Have you had any work done to that area of the motor? That idler has a mounting torque of 37 lb ft (from memeory...?) If you have; I'd go back to the shop and kick the a$$ of the tech who didn't torque it properly.

This idler, the serpentine belt tensioner and the water pump belt tensioner are consumables and should be replaced in the normal course of your maintenance. I replace mine with no more than 75k miles on them and have never had a problem with any of them.

Welcome to the Forum. :D Caddyinfo is a wealth of advice, encouragement and instruction on the maintenance and repair of Cadillacs. A suggestion; If you are unsure of when the coolant was changed in your Northstar CHANGE IT NOW, otherwise you'll be asking us about headgasket failure at some future date... :huh:

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