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More Signs the Revolution is Working

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Businessweek's review of a new Microsoft PC Camera here: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/con...0710_712025.htm is entitled:

Microsoft's Cadillac of Webcams

Cadillac once was frequently used in this way, as a comparator for the top-of-the-line, creme of the crop. The Cadillac of webcams would be a webcam with the most features, and best looks. I am VERY happy to see that this and other Cadillac motto's are starting to be used in this way more frequently. I think that this is another sign that the revolution at Cadillac that started with the new designs in the 90s and the new Art&Science themed vehicles like the CTS/SRX/STS is making for strong brand recognition of Cadillac again.


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Yes,this is very true,and what I like most is that the other brands can't ever say that.

It just doesn't sound right.Try to mention any other and you'll see. (Well maybe the Professor or Mr.Enzo could)


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I like it ...as a comparator for the top-of-the-line, creme of the crop... my answer to poeople who ask why I buy Cadillacs is, Nothing rides as like a Cadillac for my back pain. A friend who had not seen my Deville until yesterday I told him to sit in it, and he said slowly awwwwe maaaan, he usually drives a truck.:) Silvereagle

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