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I'm looking for some advice on what to do regarding having my rear windshield reinstalled. I just saw the Eldorado I purchased and the rear windshield reveal molding is in bad shape on top and it looks like the entire windshield should be removed and reinstalled with new hardware, including urethane and molding. I need to buy everything necessary to reinstall the rear windshield. I don't know if I should just bring it to a auto glass shop and let them get the parts? Should I buy the hardware first and then call an auto glass shop and tell them what I need done and give them the hardware to do the job?

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If you have the glass shop source the parts themselves, you may have an easier time of it if any warranty issues arise. It doesn't hurt to do your homework first, however. Know the price of the parts before you go, maybe even have a print out on hand so you can have some leverage.

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