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1994 sts 4,6 stalling

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Got a fuel/heat problem

Car run just fine until i shut it down when its warm,or have it out in the sun a warm day

Then it stall after 10-30 sec. sometime little longer

Some times it start right up but often i have to crank it 10-20 times before it starts then it runs perfect

Never any problems in cold mornings ect. only when its hot out side

No codes except H PO95

I have a fuelpressure tester connected and it show 40 psi,but when the cars stall it drops to 0

I also been abel to see through PCM Data the Fuel Pump Feedback Voltage drops from steady 13,7V to approximately 11V when it stall

Need some help what to do!

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It sounds like it might be the fuel pressure regulator (FPR). Since it's not electrical it can cause hard starting and stalling when hot without throwing a code.

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FPR! www.rockauto.com to the rescue. $40.00


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I've been looking at the FPR and no visible leak

But when i listen at the fuel pump through the gas door i hear it stop right before it stall

The question is:

Bad fuel pump?

Or some device thats control the fuel pump voltage don't stand the heat in engine room?

I drive 800 miles two times a week,and the car runs perfect as long i don't stop and shut it down fore a while

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