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Does anyone know where the Intake Air Temp Sensor is on a 94 STS. I removed air box to throttle body and no sign of mass air flow sensor or IATS. I am seeking it out to replace it with a resistor I bought on E-Bay to increase power. It is said to fool the ECM into a richer fuel condition by simulating

a cool intake air temp. Has anyone done this, is it recomended???? All help appriciated.

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The purpose of the IAT is to correctly measure the intake air in order to achieve the ideal fuel mixture. Fooling the system is like breaking a clock in order to know what time it is. I wish ebay would ban this sort of fraudulent sales.


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I am showing 94- 4.6L Engine

Disconnect the negative battery cable.

Remove the intake manifold cover.

Remove the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor from the fuel rail.

To install:

Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure. Tighten the intake manifold cover bolts to 106 inch lbs. (12 Nm).

As far as Tricking the PCM ......millions of $$$, 1000's of engineers at GM and the secret to HP is on Ebay?

let us know.

PS adding to whatt the others mention....It may be illegal...tampering with emission controls

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It will probably run richer on cruise, where it just wastes gas and possibly puts carbon on you plugs and combustion chambers/pistons and generates unburned hydrocarbons for your cat to deal with as best it can. But on full throttle acceleration, the PCM gives it all the gas it can use for optimum performance with information from all available sensors. I would bet that it actually hurts performance, particularly in the long run.

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