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Water Pump Belt


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Replaced the water pump belt this past Friday after work. I have to say that it was one of the easiest things I've done on the caddy. First removed the plastic shield that covers the plug wires as well as the water pump belt. Then I removed the front bolt on the "dog bone" and pushed it up and out of the way. Next I used a 1/4" drive with a metric socket to remove the two bolts holding the tensioner. Once the tensioner is out the belt comes out smoothly. You do have to flex the belt around a close fitting but that was easy. I noticed that there was a small stone lodged in the upper pulley which had caused the belt to jump track. Knocked the stone out with a screw driver and installed the new belt. The hardest part was reinstalling the tensioner bolts. The front bolt went in smoothly but since I couldn't see the rear to visually line up I had to go by feel. I realized that I needed to lift the back end up to properly line up the holes. There is a slot on top of the tensioner and I was able to stick a screw driver in it to raise the back end. The rear bolt went in easily. Total time for this, from start to finish, was about 15 minutes. Changed the oil and filter yesterday as well as the two under body flaps that keep debris from hitting the brake and fuel lines. Best of all I finally got to use the new Rhino ramps.

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