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trans fluid change


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Clean the crud off the bolt threads and out of the bolt holes. The threads must be clean & dry to achieve the proper torque. Do not use any RTV on the threads. The pan gasket is designed to be installed dry/without any supplemental sealer. Once trans fluid contacts it it is designed to swell slightly.

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I recall a thread that stated to remove the bolts clean them with brake clean then reinstall the bolts with RTV... Any Ideas?


I think that was Permatex thread sealer and was to try and seal or slow the pan gasket leaks.

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Thanks guys

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Well, I did the "hook the hose up to the return line" method last week....

Just for general informational purposes, here is what I observed & did.

1. When I ran the car, it pumps it out real fast thru a 3/8" plastic tubing. When it started sputtering, I shut off the car. Watch yourself during this step, because if you're not holding the end of the hose, it will whip around like crazy, and you'll have tranny fluid "modern art" on the walls of your garage.

2. I only got about 6 quarts out before it started sputtering. So, I poured in another 4 quarts, ran it out again. Still coming out dirty. I poured in another 4 quarts, ran the car, pumped it out. Still coming out dirty. Poured in 2 more quarts, ran it again... at that point, clean bright red tranny fluid is coming out of my hose.

3. At that point, I put it back together, refilled it, test drove it, thru all gears, rechecked level... wa-la!

Running super nice.

So, I'm not sure why I didn't get the whole 11 or 12 quarts out at once, but, by adding more a few times, I think I did finally get clean stuff pumped totally thru it....

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