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It's an old friend I hate to part with. I might keep it, but, I know keeping a car on blocks and not driving it is hard on it. In town gas mileage is horrible, but Highway mileage is great (25+). Dealer trade is awful, but anybody who knows these cars knows there are a few that are worth having... that's this one.

1983 Seville, Elegante body, white. Solid car, very comfortable and still driven regularly.

Engine... HT4100, 150k + miles, which means it's got one of the few super good HT4100's.... that actually do what they were supposed to. After reading all the internet reviews, I pulled the valve covers and looked inside, looks great, not much crap at all (yes I use good oil.) Just a golden tone to all the aluminum. 25+ mpg highway, about 6 city (of course.) No smoke, etc. I keep the oil /water etc. taken care of. Put the covers back on and drove it some more. don't know what everybody's whining about.

Transmission - Oil looks and smells and feels fine... probably time to flush and new filter.

Body - in very good shape, no dings, no major damage, but the rubber 5-mph side fender insert panels went away. I know 'real' caddy people can find them. I made one out of sheet steel, looks ok but would be better with the 'real thing'. Been washed and waxed a bunch, paints getting thin.

Glass - Smartaleck kid spinning out on a small road threw rocks on the lower left windshield. North Texas heat cracked the glass laterally, so It needs a new windshield. All the rest of the glass looks good, including mirrors.

Interior - Needs a new headliner. Leather interior shows wear on the driver seat and armrest, the rest are fine, the rear seats and arm rest look / feel new. Carpet on floor / doors is clean. rear speaker deck solid but fading to grey instead of blue.

Sound is ok, Stock Am/Fm/CB/Cassette... all speakers work, not exaclty Bose but sounds ok. Needs bands in the cassette.

Suspension is ok, no CV joint problems, rear air works (manually)... I plan on replacing the stock air compressor with either a stock unit or one of the small high pressure tire pumps from wally world so you don't have to add air every couple of weeks in the tee behind the rear wheel like I do. (250lb expensive air shocks in rear, work fine) no wheel bearing noise, no alignment problems, etc. Runs drives sounds like a Cadillac.

Needs new gas lifts for trunk / hood. (Those seem to last about 2 or 3 years, standard)

this is really a very solid car that won't get much trade in value but is still a head turner, and deserves to belong to somebody with the time and care to put it back to 'like new' condition... I might do that but I will have to keep it off the road for a long time and don't want to do that, it's too nice a car... like I said, it's an old friend and always a Cadillac!

Make offer... or suggestion what it's probably worth...



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