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The 2nd most neglected fuid

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I would agree if you had said the coolant has been accused.

There are several civil actions against GM and Havoline looking for a favorable venue and class action status. As far as I can learn, not one of these cases has been granted class action status or presented to a jury.

And I agree that coolant is very much like brake fluid in that you cannot do any harm by frequent drain and refill.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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changing the coolant is even more important when you buy a used car.

the failure of the coolant requires a couple of parameters. if one has always owned

the car, then you know if all is ok or not.

unfortunately, there are cars out there running on low coolant and the low coolant sensor

does not pick up the problem until there is an overheat. by then exposure of metal to

oxidizing gases instead of being in a protective bath can start the process of failure.

cheap insurance just like the brake fluid.


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