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Eibach lowering springs and load leveling


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Hi All,

I have a 1997 STS with load leveling rear suspension, electronic sensing up front. Overall it works well and Ilike it. I am planning on installing some 18 inch rims (keeping normal ride height) but wanted to drop the car an inch with Eibach springs.

I checked the load levelor it is attached to the body so wouldn't it try to compensate for the inch drop by lifting itself up an inch? So I drop the car, the sensor says NO and lifts it up again?

Has anyone else out there lowered their STS and had this problem?



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Eibach should provide instructions on how to adjust the Electronic Level Control suspension position sensors.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Eibach told me that they provide new links for the level-ride. However I have not been able to confirm this. Everyone I have spoken with who's done the job has followed the instructions provided. They indicate that you need to bend the links at a certain point.

I'll be doing mine in my DTS soon.

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