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STS making a noise???


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I have a 97 STS and it's making this annoying noise at about 35-40mph, but only with a window down or cracked. The noise comes from behind the dashboard and I know it's not the engine knocking. It sounds like and empty hose or tube smacking around behind the dashboard and sometimes it gets pretty loud. It only happens when the windows are open, I think it's something with the pressure change in the car, maybe something with the HVAC??.... I dunno, and ideas.... Thanks

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When the windows are open there's basically an underpressure in the cabin (the smokers amongst us will know) and it will suck the air out of the cabin.

If the air in the cabin runs out it will start to pull it from the HVAC.

So yes, it's probably coming from there but i think it's hard to tell where it exactly comes from without dismantling the complete dash.

Maybe others around here will know.

good luck.


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