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fuse box fuse id


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Hi guys i have a1998 seville with some fault codes i am waiting on workshop manuals to arrive

from good old USA as i am in scotland and not many avenues for help over here, anyway while

waiting i was checking connections for continuity bad earts ect , first i checked the fuse box under

rear seat and found a 10 amp blown it is no 32 in my fuse box with the words CVRTD as i dont have any manuals ,could you guys tell me what this stands for and controlls thanks again

THANKS Mike in Edinburgh

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In answer to Jim D as soon as i replaced the fuse the rear suspension pumped up about 6 ins

ive had a reply from you a few days ago with regards to some fault codes and speed restritced

to 90mph i can only pray this was the problem ? at the moment i am unable to road test due

to having the car in my work shop . i would like to be able to find the cause of the fuse blowing

but at the moment the battery is disconected as i was checking some connections and did not

want to register any fault codes as soon as i can test the car i will post outcome thanks

again Mike in Edinburgh

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