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91 Eldo Still Dying on the Road!


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Going down the road my 91 Eldo still dies. Just like I turned off the ignition! It hasn't done it all winter. I am begining to think it's temperature related. I have a fuel pressure gauge taped to the windshield and the pressure is steady before it dies and does'nt drop when it dies or when I try to start it.I drive about 6-7 miles before it does it.No codes show up. I let it sit for a couple of minutes and it usually starts. Today it did it and it took a while to start. It would catch and die a few times. When it did start it ran like it was flooded only hitting on a few cylinders then clearing up. I didn't see any black smoke from the exhaust. Again no codes. I have replaced the injectors, FPR, ignition control module, coil, wires and a complete tune up. What could be causing it to do this? What part is affected by temperature changes? I poked arround the wires from the distributor but it didn't do anything.

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It sure sounds like a FPR or clogged fuel filter to me. Water in the gas?

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It sure sounds like a FPR or clogged fuel filter to me. Water in the gas?

The fuel filter is new as is the fuel pump and I put isopropyl in tne tank. I also replaced the FPR. This was a double post and the dicussion is extended on the other thread. Sorry for the douple topic posting!

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