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How to identify an AC-DELCO master cylinder?


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Well, I heeded your advice and purchased an OEM master cylinder for my '97 STS. I found a reasonably good price at ac-direct.com, and it arrived yesterday. It came in an original, but opened box, and it looks every bit like the one in the car.

On the box it's printed: AC-DELCO 174-746, GM 18029759, and indeed these are the correct Part Nos. However, on the MC itself I cannot find either number. On the bottom of the cast aluminum cylinder in raised numerals is the number 18016548, which _looks_like_ a GM Part No. but GmPartsDirect cannot find it.

Just for sh** and giggles I read the number on the old MC and it was 18013248, very similar to the new No and also NOT in GmPartsDirect's database.


1) The number cast onto the bottom of the MC is NOT the Part No. (then, what is it?)

2) Neither MCs are AC-DELCO.

3) ??

I'd appreciate any thoughts and/or pointers from y'all.

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