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Adjusting Climate Control temperature display


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I know you can set the climate control temperature display several degrees higher or lower via the built-in diagnotics.

My question is: If I want the system to blow colder, how do I set this adjustment code? (set it to display higher? or lower?) ie. I will set my display to 65, now I want it to blow colder, than it was previously doing.

I think I want to set the adjustment display HIGHER so that I have more "room" to drop it a few degrees. Anyone done this before?

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I adjusted the offset on the temperature control setpoint a long time ago in my '94 Deville Concours, to achieve the same as you - to get it to run cooler.

As I recall, the IPC is the area to get into (I can't recall which parameter just now). The odd thing for me was that the offset value itself is shown on the climate control (not the info display). Either the hotter/cooler or fan speed moves the value.

I do not think you can search on IPC, (only 3 letters) but I will try to find that old post. Took a few minutes, try:


You will note that KevinW offered a lot of expert A/C advice and Ranger pointed out the IPC adjustment method.

Good luck

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