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Post-winter leaking 4T80-E NS '93 transaxle


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Hi everyone,

Got a 93 Seville, less than 100K miles on it. All the previous five winters - was sitting in a nice warm garage. Treated me good for that - since 2000, have NEVER had any serious problems.

Last winter I changed the rule, and kept it outside in freesing temperatures, just idled the engine two or three times, each time for 10-15 minutes - and was definitely punished :((.

When it finally got above the freezing point - went out and started my beauty. Warmed her up, shifted into D, and - she refused to move!. Pushed a little bit harder on the pedal, crawled 10 feet, stopped and checked the fluid level - just on the edge of the tip. Looked behind at the place where she was parked all winter - at least three quarts of ATF on the ground.

Today, filled up to the Cold level, started the engine - and observed a lazy-flowing cigarette-thick fluid trickle, which (unfortunately) starts somewhere above the edge of the fluid pan. Leak stops after I turn the engine off.

Where that leak may come from? The return and sending lines are OK, fluid pan gasket looks good. The fluid flows from somewhere around the torque converter (fluid on flexplate).

Gasket? Never leaked in freezing cold tempreatures when I'd start the engine and idle it.

Anyone had the same post-winter problem?

Would be great to know that before I have to remove the transaxle, as per the 75-step procedure in Chilton's manual. If I really have to - will stand behind the transaxle guru with a checklist of all those Chilton's steps, and a torque wrench. Promise..:)))))

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You need to get "up close and personal" to find the leak.

A leak that stops when the engine is turned off, is leaking under pressure. This usually indicates a pressure, or return line, and not a gasket.

Get the car up high so that you can get under it, and observe the leak when the engine is running. Use a good light to help pinpoint the leak source.

Be sure to use good safety judgement with the car up in the air.

Stop leak additives will do nothing to fix a bad hose, or loose connection. Transmission fluid already has "seal sweller" as part of it's chemical make up.

The pan gasket is steel shim with raised silicone beads, and is usually thermos tight. If there is a leak at a hose connection, test for tightness, do not over tighten. If the connection is tight, and still leaks, unscrew it and replace the O-ring seal.


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I found this on ebay. Might be worth thinking about if it is close to you or worth to ship. Same transmission as yours.

ebay auction: 280098464026

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