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Over Heat--Now What?


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Okay, so I was on the autobahn on the way home with the cruise set on 110 and I get a chime after about a minute. I look down and notice that it says "Engine Overheat--A/C off", then it said "Idle Engine". So I look over at the temp gauge and notice that it's pegged. Not good. I immediately let off and got off at the next Ausfahrt (Deutsch for "exit") and I can smell coolant pretty strong. I was sure I knew what was wrong because I had heard the belt tensioner getting louder the past few days. I had intended to order a new one and drive the truck until it came in but you know how intentions work...

So anyway, after obtaining new parts (pulley on the cam was shelled out too, so you know the tensioner just grenaded) and installing them. The cars runs fine. However, it is telling to change the oil which I am guessing is just a precaution anytime an engine gets too hot. I just changed the oil about 2K ago and only do it once a year and use synthetic so I don't want to change it again right now.

Does anybody have thoughts on this? Please limit the comments on oil change intervals as this topic has been WORN OUT on almost any vehicle forum on the net and there's a reason it only needs to be done once a year. Thanks.

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You are correct about the reason for the change oil message. With the temperature gauge "pegged", dino oil would be fried and compromised as a lubricant.

The major benefit of synthetic oil is heat tolerance. But if it was my engine, I would not put the bearings at risk for the price of seven quarts of oil.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Yeah, I'm thinking I may do it anyway. That is a good point. Okay, I'll just suck up the extra expense and make 'er happen.

FYI, to anybody reading this if you here any noise, check your tensioner and replace it ASAP! I was dumb not to quit driving it right away. :huh:

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