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Eldorado Vs. Seville


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What are peoples thoughts? How does the Eldorado ride vs. the Seville? What about acceleration? Back seat room/Accessibility? ETC vs. STS and vice versa.


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- 93 Sixty Special, Tan with vinyl top

- 79 Coupe DeVille, Tan with Tan top

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Depending on the year, they'll ride very much the same to very differently. If you're comparing a 96 ETC to a 96 STS, they'll be very close (same car, both on the E/K platform). In 1998, the Seville moved to the G platform, and then the ride characteristics will be quite different.

Unfortunately, I can't directly compare like model to like model across the platform change. I have a soft ride '97 (SLS) and a hard ride '01 (STS). The '01 certainly rides stiffer and handles much better, but the difference in spring/shock rates probably has at least as much to do with that compared with the platform change.

I briefly considered an '00 Eldorado before I bought my '01. Briefly = about 10 minutes. Even though my back seat is sparsely used, the Eldorado door is much longer/heavier, which can be a chore in a parking lot if forced to park among others. They (the doors) are also heavier, which makes them harder to use for a significant other. And during those times when I DO want to use the back seat, well, there's really no comparison in regards to accessibility.

That all said, a 2000+ Eldorado is probably about the "best" Northstar Cadillac in terms of mileage/performance, etc. It has the upgraded engine with roller followers, and also is a good bit lighter than the porky 98+ Seville, by 300-400 pounds. All else equal, a 2000+ ETC should be able to outrun a 2000+ Seville.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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The front seat is pretty much identical for the Eldorado and Seville to 1997. The back seat legroom on the Eldorado is far less than that of the STS. The back seat headroom is slightly less in the Eldorado. If you want to carry four large adults, the Eldorado is not a good long distance ride.

The Eldorado is about 200 pounds lighter and has a 108 inch wheelbase. The STS has a 111 inch wheelbase through 1997, 112.2 inches from 1998 on. When I watched Car & Driver in the 1997 time frame, the ETC had consistently better 0-60 times than the STS (6.3 seconds best time, vs. 6.5 seconds for the STS). The best C&D time I have seen for 1998+ STS is 6.8 seconds. You'll never notice these differences in even lead-foot driving.

I think that the slightly shorter wheelbase gives the Eldorado a better handling feel, particularly at low speeds or in tight spaces. Others may differ.

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