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[Cadillac Drivers' LOG]Track-ing Us Down

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By Liz

I’m asked a lot about our track tests -- what we do and where we do them.

The nice thing about track testing, of course, is that you can safely take the car much closer to its limits. It’s not about speed, really. It’s about the fact that on a good road course, many aspects of the car are simply put to the test in more-challenging and detailed ways in a shorter period of time. Acceleration, shifting, steering, braking, chassis control, and the entire “feel” of the car are all pushed and evaluated simultaneously under extreme conditions.

We go to a number of tracks, but some of it happens right at home. We have an excellent road course at our Proving Grounds in Milford, MI that was built just a few years ago. It’s super technical and state of the art. We hope to show you guys some photos from there (maybe video, too) later this spring.

Often, we will do track tests at off-site road courses, too. Most notably, these include Nuerburgring, in Germany, and we’ll share some highlights of those tests on this site in the not-too-distant future. We do visit many other road courses in the US, particularly those that might be convenient to other tests we’re doing in specific road or weather conditions.

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