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GM FastLane:Energy Security and Climate Change

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What We Believe Will Make a Difference

By Beth Lowery

Vice President, GM Environment and Energy

Rollercoaster-like gas prices, regional conflicts and global climate change have put energy security and environmental issues front and center of the national debate. Reducing gasoline consumption as well as our collective impact on the earth's climate should be national priorities. These, too, are our priorities at GM and we recently told Congress what we're doing to lessen our dependence on petroleum and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Last week, Rick Wagoner, GM Chairman and CEO, testified before the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce. He was not alone. Other key leaders of the world’s larger auto manufacturers and from the UAW also provided testimony ranging from product plans centered on advanced technology, biofuels, and the effectiveness of the three-decade old Corporate Average Fuel Economy Program (CAFE).



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