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96 Eldo Suspension Conversion

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My parent's Eldo needs new struts all around. Apparently, the Firestone quoted them $5k+ to replace the front and rear struts (plus mounts, Master cyl., rear pads & rotors and labor).

I'm the mechanically inclined one in the family, so my parents asked me to look into it. I'm finding the OEM replacement parts for a bit less than $4k. I could do the work for them, if they had the money to spend . . . but they don't. So, it's either get a car loan, or get creative, I figure.

I'm thinking about converting it to a passive air suspension. Looks like it could be done in the garage for less than $1k in parts.

Has anyone here done this conversion, or have any first-hand experience with a similar situation?

Are there any major drawbacks? Does the passive suspension provide reasonable stability and handling? Do the passive struts last for a decent amount of time? Any brand preferences and why?

Thanks in advance,


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A lot of people here have done the passive conversion. But, you can get the OEM parts for a lot less than $4K -- that sounds like dealer retail. Check out Rock Auto. There are other parts sources, too.

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Thanks for the advice, Jim. Looks like RockAuto would save me about $500 on the average prices I found this afternoon.

Still, it looks to be a lot less than $3500 to convert, unless I'm misunderstanding (which would not surprise me). The kits I briefly looked at were somewhere south of $1000 for "all you need".

I'm researching opinions and reasoning before I make any suggestions. Is there a good reason, in your opinion, not to convert to passive?

Thanks again.

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