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92 DeVille-Bad head gasket


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OK, Here is the situation. I have a 92 Deville with a bad head gasket. It was pressure tested and confirmed by the mechanic. FYI, I replaced the water pump, radiator, and thermostat so no need to go down that path. The ONLY problem I have is exhaust bubbles going to my overflow canister and overheating. I have no oil in coolant, or coolant in oil. Just exhaust gases escaping and overheating. So here is my question that needs to be answered. Why does my car not overheat and have exhaust bubbles present if I take my thermostat out? I can drive it anywhere and it runs like a top without it in. Would this imply that the crack in the head gasket ONLY opens when it reaches operating temperature?

:blink: Has this ever happened to anyone else

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When you have slight head gasket leakage, you have some bubbles in the water. When they collect under the thermostat, the air pocket keeps water away from the thermostat and it doesn't open until the air goes through the little hole or the bypass. With the thermostat out, the bubbles will circulate and escape through the surge tank.

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