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00 Deville button illumination problem


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I have a 00 Deville and the buttons for the climate control do not light up. The buttons work fine... they just don't illuminate. Does anyone know if they are on a seperate circuit and it could be as simple as a fuse? I don't know how they are illuminated but I am guessing it would be a real pain to replace the light.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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My 1997 FSM shows the Deville climate control panel as having a single feed from the IPC (Instrument Panel Custer). The same power feeds the DIC, which means that the DIC lights should be dark, too -- or the problem is in the wiring between the IPC and the CCP. If the DIC buttons don't light either, there is a problem with the IPC INC DIM-1 or the wire from the IPC to the CCP.

If this doesn't make sense after checking we need someone with direct experience with this problem in your platform or a 2000 FSM to step in here.

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If you are talking about the climate control buttons in the center of the dash above the radio, I'm not sure if the buttons are illuminated by bulbs or LEDs. I don't see any reference to the type of replacement bulb needed in my FSM, so I'm inclined to think they are LEDs. Your dealer's parts counter person could tell you for sure. Getting the control unit out of the dash isn't difficult. The plastic trim bezel has a clip either side of the climate control. You just pull the bezel straight out to unsnap it. The climate control unit is held in place by a snap lock at each corner. You should be able to see them once you get the bezel off. I don't know if the control unit is a sealed unit or not. It's possible you'd have to replace the whole unit. If that's what is required, you can usually find the control units on E-bay at a reasonable cost.

If you are talking about the buttons on the steering wheel, I know these are LEDs. Unless you are an expert at soldering small electronic parts, you'll need to replace the entire button and trim assembly. I'm told that in order to get it off the steering wheel, you have to remove the air bag - not something I would mess with. These can also be found on E-bay.

If you are thinking about buying these parts used, you would do well to price a new one. It might be smart to pay the extra money and have a better chance of not having to do the job again soon.

Hope this helps.


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I am refering to the buttons in the center near the radio. I will try to pull it today to take a look. I agree with you that I would probably be better off with a new unit rather than a used one. Might as well do it right the first time.

Thanks for all of the help.

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