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91 DeVille downshifting at speed

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My 1991 Deville will downshift all by itself at speed, local and highway. When it happens its just like i slamed the selector to 1st. The engine screams!! Someone told me there is a speed sensor in the transaxle that needs replaced. He said they have little paddles that break off.

Anyone have any knowledge of this? Help!!!

JJ :(

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Read the OBD I codes. The way to do this is here:


-- Click Here for CaddyInfo page on "How To" Read Your OBD Codes
-- Click Here for my personal page to download my OBD code list as an Excel file, plus other Cadillac data
-- See my CaddyInfo car blogs: 2011 CTS-V, 1997 ETC
Yes, I was Jims_97_ETC before I changed cars.

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