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A/C-Heater Fan doesn't come on


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I wondered if you guys had any thoughts on this one.

I have been using my heater/defroster through the winter with no problem. I turned on my A/C for the first time about a week ago. The cooling fan did not come on. In fact, now the fan won't come on at all, for heat or cooling.

The A/C Compressor Clutch engages for a few seconds and then disengages.

I read a few posts and figured out how to go into the diagnostics to read the trouble codes. Here is what popped up.

P122 A/C Coolant low voltage problem

P0603 No idea

P1122 Low Voltage Throttle Positioner

B0533 Fuel Sensor related

B2471 Interior Lamp

B2477 Reverse Lamp Relay

I know some of these don't apply to the problem I described, but I read several times where you guys said to list the codes as they roll off.

I have had a problem with the engine idle racing, so the P1122 code makes sense. And I have noticed my fuel level doesn't track correctly, so the B0533 code makes some sense.

I would appreciate the help. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post and any help you can give me.



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Blower motor went south. Common problem. Check the connector first to see if it is burnt. That would be a cheaper and easier fix, though not as common as the motor.

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Larry is probably right. Unfortunately, when the blower motor goes out, it just does that silently, without setting a DTC. Use some contact cleaner at the connector and gently tap the motor with a rubber mallet. It's an ECM (Electronically Commuted Motor, as opposed to brushes) so it is not like doing the same on a suddenly stopped window motor or starter, but won't hurt trying (key-word: gently!).

P0603 is PCM Memory Reset, and happens every time the battery is disconnected (or has a loose or corroded terminal).

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