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Hi from Moscow, Russia

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I reads this forum time-to-time. There are many interesting things here! Thanks!

I live in Moscow, Russia. We don't have much used Caddy's here, but there are a a lot of new Escalade, STS, CTS on our streets. We have 2 or 3 clubs of Cadillac owners.

My car is 1993 STS 4.6. I bought it for $6100 last december. It's good at all, but needs complete painting. Caddy's parts costs a lot of money here. Premium fuel costs $2.45 for gallon, and the tax is $1200 every year. And there are no used parts (only 2 places in Moscow). So, using Cadillac here is spending a lot of money :) But I like my STS very much !:)

Sorry for my BAD English B)

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Welcome. Perhaps you can work through your local Cadillac clubs or one of the European Cadillac clubs and find someone who ships new and used parts to Russia. In fact, that strikes me as a good idea for a service to members of Cadillac clubs.

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Hey welcome! Your english is fine.. If you find you need a part that you can not find, email me, I will help as best I can!! Good Luck with it! Mike

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Thanks for your attention! I have a friend here, he brings me parts from United States :) His car is Buick Rivera "96. I think, there are 5-10 Rivera in Moscow at all...

Russian clubs...

Forum only: http://wwwboards.auto.ru/cadillac

My Cadillac club (just opened): http://www.cadillac-club.ru

Of course,on Russian :)

I'm trying to collect more information on russian about Cadillac, repear, technical notes, because now we don't have it.

Best Regards


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