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Wife's car shopping

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My Wife plans to get a new vehicle sometime late in the year or early next year.

Her original specification was that the new vehicle be fun.

I suggested a Saturn Sky Redline, one of my current favorite non-Cadillac models, or

a used Corvette convertible.

She now has tuned that to: she would like a new 4-passenger convertible.

So far we have shopped/driven a Ford Mustang GT Convertible, a Mazda MX-5 (Miata), a Toyota Camry Solara convertible, a Pontiac G6 GT Convertible, and looked at a Pontiac Solstice GXP (2-seater).

No, we can't afford an XLR, and it has only 2 seats. She's paying for the car, so I'm just the driver in terms of shopping. Next we need to look at a VW Beetle convertible, and perhaps a VW Eos, although they are pricey.

Random notes:

+ All the cars save the Miata cost around $34K. That seems to be the magic number for if you add up all the options my Wife wants on any car. This is more than she prefers to pay.

+ At the Ford Dealership, they took our info and handed us the car to take for a test drive.

The sales person was missing when we returned, so I had to find someone to give the car back to.

+ All the convertibles were more quiet than we expected; one can easily converse in any of them with the top down.

+ The Miata was nicer than I expected, and was peppy enough. The sales person did not appear to be familiar with the car model (although it has been out a long time).

+ At the Pontiac dealer I had to ask for a sales person to help us. The sales person knew almost nothing about the G6. He had trouble starting it as the battery was low. They only had 1 G6 on the lot, a GT, with no GTP example. They did not appear to WANT to sell any of them.

+ At the same dealer the salesperson agreed with my wife's assessment that there was NO reason to buy a Solstice, the currently hot kappa-based Pontiac 2-seater convertible. I think his exact wording was if you have $31K to waste, then why not?

+ At the Toyota dealer we had to register for a sales person. They gave us a choice of water or soft drinks while we waited, although we went out to where the convertibles were to wait. There were lots of training props, such as vehicles partially disassembled to show how they were built in the show room. A sales person walked over and talked to us before our assigned sales person finally showed up. No problems, we did the test drive with the sales person along. He was able to answer questions about the car.

+ Toyota has a much smaller number of dealers than GM. They also focus on ensuring the dealers are profitable. I think this contributes to the buying patterns, as one easily gets the impression that there is a shortage of a model or high demand for a model simply due to a smaller number of dealers.

+ At each place we got a catalog to study.

+ Among the 4-seat convertibles my wife likes the Solara SLE best so far.

+ Not that it matters, but I liked the Mustang GT Conv best so far of the cars we drove.

+ If I were buying, I would hold out for a used XLR, a used Conv Vette, or stretch and get a leftover inventory non-conv vette.

+ Of the new cars we looked at the Solstice GXP would be my choice cause of that sweet Ecotec turbo and baby-vette suspension. Probably get a Saturn Sky Redline instead, as I like their look a bit more.

+ I hope Cadillac gets around to making a CTS-sedan convertible

+ I wish Cadillac would get a Cadillac Kappa convertible also, but with Pontiac, Saturn, and Opel I think there are enough of them in the world.


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Bruce, is your wife trading in her vehicle?

What are the incentive programs like in terms of low interest

or cash rebates?

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We have not talked about numbers very much on any of the cars, as she won't be actually buying a car until the end of the year or the beginning of next year. So it depends on what incentives and interest rates are available then.


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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