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Wierd Problem....need HELP!


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My 97 Deville Concours exibits a problem with both keyless entry units that seems worse when temperatures are cold. (I have replaced both keyless units with new ones, so the problem is in the car)

The symptom is.....nothing works when any button is depressed.....unlock, lock, gas or trunk.......sometime I can get the gas lid or trunk to open after many presses and ONCE that happens EVERYTHING works normally, until the cars sets for a while.

In some cases I have to unlock the car with the key and then I get the security alarm going.......in that case hitting the dash buttons for the gas lid or the trunk may or may not work, but if it does the keyless devices will then work and the alarm stops.

I have spent $412 replacing the RF unit and surrounding labor charges and the dealer has given up. Claims they have talked to GM and opened a service ticket.

ANY help appreciated....this is driving me nuts!



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Do you have valet lock on there? Check to see if that is on.


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might sound crazy, but did you try new batteries??

If you are referring to the actual RKEs.....they are brand new and both have the same issue, as did the previous (old) RKEs.......this leads to the conclusion that the problem is in the car, not the remotes., in my view.

Do you have valet lock on there? Check to see if that is on.

It is off and I assume if it was on, the symptom would not be temperature related.......it would consistantly not work no matter what.......

The mystery remains, I'm afraid.......

Thanx and any other suggestions/thoughts are appreciated..........

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Try opening the RKE's, remove the rubber button pad and clean the pad buttons and contact area on the board with a pencil eraser.

Was able to fix one of my RKE's just by doing that.

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This is the only TSB I found that even remotely (pun intended) might apply to your problem.

It's a long shot, but . . . .




Posted Image

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