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Electrical Connector Seperation

Vince P

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Re: Electrical Connector Removal

My Seville has many, many electrical connectors that have positive latches. It is used on the Temperature Sending Unit, the Cooling fans, Cabin fan and many other places.

Is there an easy way to get the connectors apart???

Is there a special tool for connector separation???

I have broken one of these connectors latches. Others do not want to come apart.

My current procedure is to pull on the latch. This should raises the latch and pulls the connector apart. This rarely works.

Vince P

1994 Seville SLS

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They can be a complete pain in the neck especially when they are in a place where you can't see them or there isn't enough space to work on them. They're designed not to come apart. Almost all of them have a spring-clip-latch of one type or another but I've never been able to figure out a standard way to get them apart. Hopefully, somebody has an answer to this extremely aggravating problem. <_<


Happiness is owning a Cadillac with no codes.

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