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2008 STS spied

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Leftlanenews.com has some spy shots of what appears to be the 2008 mid-cycle update for the STS. It gets a fender vent as on the new Escalade or 08 CTS, and a new grill. No word on what else, although since the 6-speed auto was added for 2007 the new exterior bits may be all the changes.


I wish Cadillac would spend more time making it clear that the STS has more luxury features, more luxury options, a longer wheelbase and more rear leg room, than the CTS. I think people see the two of them as so similar that the STS kind of gets lost in the product line now.


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I do like the fourteen spoke wheels. And it has the required number of doors.

But the vent has to go.


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I'm going to gather that in 2009 it will launch as the flagship sedan of Cadillac and put it firmly in its own position. Thats when the "new Northstar" or its replacement is slated to arrive. With a 300HP six in the CTS, the 320HP Northstar doesn't seem as potent anymore, it had a great run, but all that it has tought GM will go into the next engine (already has been influencing the High Feature series of engine).

They say the northstar could possibly be made into a 5.0L, but the need something that will be bigger.

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I think the vent is a good idea because it will resolve the under-hood temperature issue by giving a little air circulation there.

The "run" of the Northstar isn't over because it's only 320 Hp now. Basically, we have seen four generations:

  1. The first, 1993-1994 model years, with 270 Hp and 295 hP.
  2. The 1994-1999 with new intake, 275 hP and 300 Hp.
  3. The 2000+ with roller tappets and lower compression, 275 Hp and 300 Hp, but apparently not quite the performer of the 1995-1999 engines.
  4. 2003+, with VVT added, 320 Hp -- is there a VIN Y version?
  5. Whoops, forgot the 4.4 supercharged versions.

The 320 Hp Northstar is basically the 2000+ Northstar with VVT added, which is very, very good. For more oats, you can go to direct injection, more RPM, or a tuning change in the intake/exhaust that will take away bottom end torque for a two-level torque curve, like the Quad 4 HO. With VVT, the bottom end should be just find for an automatic transmission and good overall driveability. With intake and exhaust tuned for resonances (and torque peaks) at 4500 rpm, 5500 rpm, and 6500 rpm, and direct injection, you should be able to get a reliable 370 Hp out of a 4.4 normally-aspirated Northstar, 400 Hp out of a 4.6. Since the new engine design to replace the Northstar is underway, the investment and people to do another generation on the Northstar may or may not be available.

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