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seafoam treatment any good?


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has anyone used SeaFoam in their fuel tank or oil? I heard mixed opinions and want advice.

Where can I find a link to what the codes mean.... IPC 1000 is my only code, is this important?

1998 SLS

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Their advertising must be very effective.

GM does not recommend any fuel, oil, transmission, or coolant additives other than those listed in your owner's manual.

Here was one topic regarding Seafoam:



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you should not need it....Is there a problem you are trying to address?

Seafoam is an effective product*, used often as first step to clear up poppets in GM's CPFI,

GM also has several cleaners available in their parts Dept. to address specific problems.

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I've used Seafoam through the intake once a year on my 1996 El Dorado (137,00 mi), my 1993 Chevy Truck (160,000 miles), my 2000 Corvette (60,000 mi) my 1991 Motorcycle, and my 1991 boat with a 350 CID GM short block - all with no ill effects. These are all older high milage/hour engnes and seem to benefit from the treatment.

I would not use it on a 2-cycle engine at all (it will wash out the bearings immediately) and have never put it in the crankcase for the same reasons.


1996 El Dorado

2006 STS

2000 Corvette

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