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Northstar in a Tucker Reproduction


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It looks like he has a lot invested. I'd like to see better photos of the engine setup.

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Interesting car.

The final piece arrives as a 4.6-liter Cadillac Northstar engine trimmed with dual Garrett T28 turbos and twin intercoolers, controlled by a Detail Zone standalone harness and Perfect Power SMT6 unit for tuning the big eight-cylinder. With dual spools in constant thirst, a 31-gallon Rock Valley fuel tank holds plenty of juice. Ida says the New Tucker 48 makes 398hp at a low 3.5-pound boost. “This car won’t do a burnout. With the engine over the rear axle, traction is incredible. No matter what you do, it just plants the wheels and goes.”

Twin turbochargers on a northstar and he got 398hp? Of course 3.5 psi is low boost for a turbo.

Nicely done car, but not something you would want to drive to work every day.


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VERY interesting, but it is hard to recognized the Northstar in there. :)


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