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Ultraview Sunroof

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Interesting that the http://www.cadillac.com/allnewcts site shows that the 08 CTS will also offer the Ultraview (oversized) sunroof from the current SRX. The 07 CTS has a more or less conventional optional sunroof,

CF5 Sunroof, power, tilt-sliding with express-open and manual sunshade.

The SRX offers two Ultraview sunroof options:

CF5 Sunroof, UltraView, power glass roof that opens over first and second rows, tilt-sliding with Express-Open and power sunshade

C3B Sunroof, UltraView Plus, power glass roof that opens over first and second rows, tilt-sliding with express-open, glass roof over third row, includes power sunshades

So perhaps the 08 CTS will keep RFO as CF5 but offer a sunroof assembly that extends from the front to over the rear seat. On the 07 SRX the Ultraview sunroof is $1,800 MSRP, which makes it a bit pricey, but it seems a nice feature. A similar oversize sunroof on the Saturn Aura is $1,500.


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I grew up in a big Pontiac with a sunroof, then went to a caddy w/o one, now that the 98 Deville does have one, I couldn't believe how much I missed it!.

In the summer, its my favorite accessory, especially the vent feature which tilts the rear of the roof up so when in a parking lot you can open that to keep the inside temperature somewhat reasonable for when you come back.

Can't wait to have all the windows open and enjoy that new muffler sound and the Northstar again :) Oh and maybe play some music too :)

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I too enjoy a sunroof. Relating to a previous topic, it is one of my "MUST HAVES" on a car. It would be nice if it "WAS" bigger. :) It has crossed my mind to price putting one on my '06 Chevy van. I spend most of my time in the van. Bought the '06 Caddy in Dec and only have 2100 miles on it. My '02 Taurus DOHC also has one but it is a little smaller than the one in the '06 Cat.

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Does anybody remember back in the 90's when Car and Driver showed the new Fleetwood with a glass roof you could adjust from clear to opaque ? I thought that was pretty cool but never made production.


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