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AC Compressor squeal

Stan S

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My 99 Concours with 93000 mi. has developed a squeal when I drive through a puddle of water. I've determined that it's coming from the AC compressor. I can duplicate the noise by spraying water on the clutch with the compressor running. It doesn't appear to be the belt although it could be. The FSM shows removing the clutch with the compressor out of the car. Can it be done without removing the compressor? What special tools are required? I plan to replace the belt before tackling the clutch just to be sure. Any thoughts? Thanks, Stan

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Can you tell if its your belt or clutch slipping? Can you elicit this squeal with the AC off and the clutch disengaged? If it appears to be the belt, check your belt tensioner, it could be weak or binding not applying proper tension on your belt.... Check your belt for cracking and voids.

KHE will stop by and speak to either changing the clutch or adjusting your air gap.. By removing your wheel well inspection covers you can get at your compressor to change the AC hub and clutch assembly. Take your belt off and see if the hub feels loose..

I changed my compressor altogether

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Slipping and squealing when wet is a sign that the serpentine belt is too old. Change it first; it's inexpensive, easy to do yourself, recommended every 30,000 miles (although I drove one 90,000 miles once), and it will probably fix the problem.

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Check the belt tensioner to see if it is pivioting freely. 93000 miles is very close to the 100000 mile replacement interval for the belt. I'd put a new belt on it and see if the noise goes away as I doubt anthing is wrong with the compressor itself.

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