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'93 Touring Coupe High Idle, slow return to idle


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My '93 Eldorado Touring Coupe idles at 1200-1300 rpm. When I depress the accelerator to increase the rpm to higher levels (2500 rpm), the rpm decreases very slowly to the 1200-1300 level. Otherwise, the car seems to run normally. Any advice on what could cause, or how to correct this condition would be greatly appreciated!

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You recently replaced your intake assembly, right? Are you sure you don't have vacuum leaks? That could casue it.

Two other common causes could be a build up of crud in the throttle body that's causing the throttle plate to bind, or an improperly adjusted or failing Idle speed control motor.

Do some searches on throttle body and ISC motor / adjustment and you'll find additional info.

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