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Cadillac Drivers' LOG:Summer Daydream

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By Liz

Enough already! Much of the U.S. remains locked in nearly unbearably cold weather. Rob’s posting this week about winter testing makes you daydream about the sun. It made me wish we were doing heat testing now!

This is a shot from a hot-weather test in Death Valley a few months back. It was taken at Stovepipe Wells, the aptly named spot in California’s most brutally hot region – it was 120 degrees the day this picture was taken! We “heat soaked” our cars in this parking lot for a couple of hours, leaving them running with all the accessories on and keeping them stationary. That way, there’d be no wind to cool them at all. This snapshot of summer helps me get through another brutal winter day.

Cadillac Driver's Log here: http://cadillac.gmblogs.com/2007/02/summer_daydream.html


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