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Cadillac Drivers' LOG: Serious Fun

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By Liz

We’re extremely serious about what we’re doing as we test and develop. At the same time, we have fun doing it.

I’m the assistant chief engineer. Instead of focusing on just one element of the car, I focus on much all of them. And that’s why our real-world driving is so extensive. We had a ride recently in which we got lost on a detour and ended up on dirt roads, testing off-pavement traction instead of what we were there to do. And it was really valuable. That’s not going to happen in a computer simulation.

On many of our rides, we put camouflage disguises on the cars. We’ve literally dodged spy photographers, who are trying to “catch” our cars and get the shots on the internet or newspapers. When I see those guys, it kind of begs the question: why not let people see a bit more of what we’re doing? That’s what’s going to happen here.

Cadillac Driver's Log here: http://cadillac.gmblogs.com/2007/01/_serious_fun_feb_2.html


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