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rear defogger


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On my 76 eldo. conv. I'm replacing the whole top plus the window, I wanted to know if it's possible to get a window with the rear defroster and buy the switch on ebay and hook that up myself? My conv window wasn't the one with rear defogger, but I wanted to add it.

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Don't know for sure, but I would say it is doable.

Definitely doable - I'd find a used (junkyard) rear defogger switch (or any standard 12V toggle, but OEM would look better) and run wire. Shouldn't have to be a Cadillac switch to look good. I'm sure you have plenty of room to integrate it into your dash.

Good luck.


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I did a quick check on jcwhitney.com and they have glass rear windows for the 1976 Eldorado, made by Kee. I would get the top with the window included to make sure that they work together.

The glass top that I see is for cars that have a defroster. The photo is generic and I can't tell whether it is electric or from the HVAC system. I would work directly with the top manufacturer to make sure that I get what I expect.

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