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Eldorado Cluster Removal


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I have a 1998 Eldo ETC that has a visible crack in the speedometer cluster lens. It's annoying as if you had a crack in the windshield. Is it difficlut ot remove the cluster from the dash? Should I replace the lens or purchase an exisitng one from the local yards? What are the pros and cons?

Is there any programming required with a replacement?

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Disconnect the battery!!

Wait two minutes.

Remove the dash top:

- Pop the defroster grill and remove the two sensors with a quarter turn twist.

- Remove three screws under the defroster grill.

- Remove the four A/C vents in the dash. You'll need to release a clip.

- Remove a screw behind each dash vent.

- Press down on the front of the dash top.

- Lift the rear of the dash top and pull it towards you to remove.

Remove the Instrument Panel:

- Four screws and some electrical connectors.


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Good used clusters can often be found on E-bay for $30 or $40 plus shipping.

If you opt to replace the entire cluster, you'll run into the odometer mileage issue. The mileage is stored in the cluster so if you change it, the new one will show the mileage of the car it came out of. This can be an issue when you sell the car since most states require the mileage to be recorded on the title transfer.

Resetting the mileage will cost a lot more than you would think. It runs around $200 to $300, depending on who does it. The reason it is so expensive is that it takes an expensive ($20,000 I am told) piece of equipment to do it. Also, many states require legal afidavits to be filed to guard against odometer fraud.

You might be better off to just replace the lens if that's possible with your cluster.


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