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How to Prank a Telemarketer

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If you don't laugh at this yer goin' on my "Ignored Users List." :P




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Very Very Funny!

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Too funny (wiping spittle off of monitor)

<!--fonto:Arial--><span style="font-family:Arial"><!--/fonto-->2007 DTS Performance - 50K


As a matter of fact, I <i>am</i> driving 70 MPH in a phone booth.

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That clip was great! I guess it's some of his new stuff I haven't heard. If you like his stuff you need to listen to the carpet cleaning and the pre-arrainged funeral services calls...Absolutely classic!

On a related note this "guy" is a genius...He gets 1-800 numbers that are one digit off from UPS customer service. Customers call him up trying to locate their package: most of the time there already pissed off because it hasn't arrived on time...Instead of reaching an appologetic customer service rep they meet "junkyard willie" or "jim-bob" the toothless hillbilly from Gators Creek Georgia. IMO it doen't get any better than this!

Customer: I was calling in regards to a diamond watch that was supposed to be delieverd yesterday...Ummm they left a little yellow slip with a number im supposed to call...

TTT: Um yeaaahhhh, do you have your tracking number? See we got a guy in the mail room, he's been smoking crack, drinking booze, and lighting peoples packages on fire...I'd like to transfer you to him so you can describe the package and he will let you know if he burnt it...................The rest is hysterical!!!

http://www.junkyardwillie.com (aka TouchToneTerrorist)

Here is a sample of another good call...Which gets even better at the end...It bogs down a bit in the middle..but it's still great... http://www.junkyardwillie.com/mp3/shoulda.mp3


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