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wiper problem


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ice storm turned on wipers the left worked the right one was frozen now it tries to workbut doesnt any help has this happened to any one and what do you think is wrong


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called the dealer they said that in the case of a stuck wiper the nut that holds it on is made to loosen up they said that i should be able to remove the cap and tighten the nut will look at it as soon as this ice melts

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I had the same problem on my '95 a few years back.

I was lucky; it happened the day before I took "Baby" in for an oil change. My auto tech simply "tightened" a loose arm: no charge! Never a problem thereafter.

Don't panic. You might simply need to tighten your jib. :)



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My right one is always up out of its resting position since our icestorm, I'll have to see about adjusting it, its been cold so haven't had a look at it.

Napa usually has a re-manufactured part for your needs.

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Not the wiper arms E, when you set the arm it should be 3/4 of an inch below the stop, but a half inch seems to get it back to normal. If you have a fish scale the pull in the half wipe position should be between 28 and 34 oz (1 ' off the glass)


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