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Trunk Pulldown Motor Repair


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96 Eldo w/68k-pulldown motor died-fsm checks confirmed-motor bad.

I pulled the assembly from the car, removed motor cover and armature.

Chucked armature in drill press, cleaned armature commutator with crocus

cloth & a dab of wd40, cleaned both brushes with dremel & small wire brush, reassembled

assembly, installed in car-it works like new!

The commutator had a black carbon wear band on it (very light) & the

brush ends had a little corrosion on them. They weren't making the connection!

Sure beats buying a new one!


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Well done, then! It is nice to be able to fix things like that with a bit of elbow grease and be back on your way.


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Thanks Bruce

I get a LOT of satisfaction from fixing broken items-

cars, lawnmowers, tvs-I dabble in a little bit of everything-

plus you get to spend the money you saved on something else!

and there's ALWAYS something else-lol.


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Back in late November I posted that my trunk release was not working from the dash or from the remote. Remote locks worked. Used the extra Key, didn't have time or want to face the cold anymore than I had to.

Three weeks ago I hapened to try the remote, and it worked. The inside release button was good too. Both are still functioning every time. Now if any of you happened to follow my Libertyville/Lake Forest key story, tell me how this is possible.


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